1) Scary things are happening in British universities. Distinguished and productive philosophy departments are being threatened. See Storm Breaking upon the University and Save Keele Philosophy.

2) Worthwhile contributions to discussions about the value of the history of philosophy can be found here, here, here, here,  and here. I’m particularly fond of Catarina Dutilh Novaes’ New Apps post History of philosophy as antidote to philosophical intuitions.She also has a very astute critique of “intuition-based” approaches to philosophy here. Doxastic conservativeness is the devil.

3) I’m not one of those people who think philosophy is useless,* but I acknowledge the difficulty of making the case for a long-term investment like the history of philosophy** against the short-sightedness of government and industry. I worry about what’s described in 1) because of the threat it poses to 2) and all the things that are likely to fall with 2).

*Philosophers who defend this view have horribly misread and misunderstood Book VI of Plato’s Republic.

**Or the humanities in general…


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