1) Verena and I moved from Atlanta to Knoxville at the beginning of August.We had a nice going away dinner with teachers and advisors at 4th and Swift and another one the next day with friends at Holy Taco. We’ll miss all the great people we know in Atlanta. And the restaurants…

2) We got settled in our new loft in downtown Knoxville, where we have a wall long enough for almost all of our books. It’s ridiculous and intimidating and, therefore, aesthetically pleasing.

3) I’ve started teaching at the University of Tennessee Knoxville. Right now, I’m teaching two sections of Introduction to Philosophy and two sections of Contemporary Moral Problems. They’re going very well, I think. The students are engaged and they’re keeping up with the reading. It’s also nice not to have to commute to teach and to have enough time to prepare for class before class.

4) The summer of book reviews is coming to a close. I wrote a long review essay on the English translation of Foucault’s Introduction to Kant’s Anthropology for Continental Philosophy Review, along with a review of the Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy edition of Kant’s Observations and Remarks for Philosophy in Review and a short review of Beth Lord’s Kant and Spinozism for the Heythrop Journal. The only thing left is a review of the Edinburgh Critical History of Nineteenth Century Philosophy for Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. The EUP volume has come up in discussions of Frederick Beiser’s scathing but brilliant review of the volume on Nineteenth Century Philosophy in the History of Continental Philosophy series, which should make things interesting. Finally, the review Verena and I wrote on Andrew Benjamin’s book Of Jews and Animals has just appeared in Studies in Social and Political Thought, as has my Journal of the History of Philosophy review of Alan Kim’s Plato in Germany. Both have been added to the publications page.

5) In addition to the book reviews, I’m finishing my Agamben article for Philosophy Compass and preparing my SPEP presentation, which is largely based on the  Continental Philosophy Review piece. I just checked the proofs for the Critique book Karin de Boer and Ruth Sonderegger are editing, which should appear in the near future, along with the Rethinking Kant volume. Joseph and I are still working on the anthology.


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