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Fall 2012

It’s been too long since I updated this page. Too much has happened for a comprehensive report, but a few things are worth noting…

1) I finished teaching a summer course at the University of Tennessee and left my position as a Lecturer.

2) Verena and I moved to San Antonio and started teaching at St. Mary’s University. We’re very excited about the city, our new colleagues, classes, and students.

3) The Bloomsbury Anthology of Aesthetics is out! Order your copy now!

4) Revisions to The Very Idea of a Critique of Pure Reason are well underway. The introduction and the first three chapters are more or less done. I’ll be finishing revisions to chapters four and five in the next few months.

5) I wrote a lot of book reviews over the summer: a) a review of a collection of essays on Dilthey for the Journal of the History of Philosophy¬† b) a review of the Continuum Companion to Kant for Kantian Review, c) a long review of two translations of Moses Mendelssohn’s Morning Hours for Philosophy in Review, and c) a review of Frederick Beiser’s The German Historicist Tradition. I’ll post them as they appear.