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JHI 75.4

JHI Flyer - McQuillan


StMU 5k

StMu 5k

Photos from the St. Mary’s 5k for the Neighborhood, October 19, 2014. Time: 21:45. 12th place overall (out of 800), 3rd place in my age division (30-39), 1st faculty finisher.

The New Consensus

“Over the past couple of years, philosophers have witnessed the emergence of a new consensus—one that rejects acquiescence to abuses of power in philosophy, one that seeks to overturn rather than turn away from the profession’s problems, one that seeks to support rather than silence the vulnerable. At the same time, the consensus reinforces two very traditional pillars of philosophical practice: first, it recognizes that criticism is the currency with which philosophers pay respect to one another while insults are just cheap counterfeits, and second, that we should go wherever the arguments and inquiries take us, putting aside philosophical prejudices and erasing boundaries if need be” (Daily Nous, Leiter to Step Down from PGR/The New Consensus).

I suspect philosophy has a long way to go before these things become a matter of consensus, but I do think the discipline has made some progress in the last few weeks. Let’s hope it continues!