Spring 2016

In January, I attended the Congresso de Filosofía Moderna at the Universidad de Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) in Puebla, Mexico. I presented my paper “Does Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason Belong to the Tradition of Modern Logic?” in which I try to refute Giorgio Tonelli’s claim that  Kant’s first Critique is “a treatise on logic as much as on metaphysics.” Special thanks to St. Mary’s philosophy major Gisela Reyes for translating my presentation into Spanish; Paniel Osberto Reyes Cárdenas for chairing my panel; and Roberto Casales-García for organizing the conference. The conference was also a welcome opportunity to spend some time with my friend Matthew McAndrew, who presented a paper on Wolff and Crusius, and to visit two incredible Mexican cities, Puebla and Cholula.

I am also happy to announce that I’ll be presenting a paper called “The Uses of Scholasticism: Academic Philosophy in Eighteenth Century Germany” at the East-West Philosophers’ Conference hosted by the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa. In my paper, I’ll be defending the university as a place for modern philosophy against early modern and contemporary critics. Using the examples of Christian Wolff and Immanuel Kant, I’ll try to show that universities and professors can promote progressive, modern philosophy and that at least some concerns about academic philosophy “losing its way” are misplaced. I’d like to thank Roger Ames and Joseph Tanke for the invitation and the opportunity to participate in the conference.

My review of Patrick Frierson’s excellent book Kant’s Empirical Psychology has been published in Philosophy in Review. And my article “A Merely Logical Distinction: Kant’s Objection to Leibniz and Wolff” has now appeared in the journal Epoché. My book  Immanuel Kant: The Very Idea of a Critique of Pure Reason should be out later this spring. More details when they’re available…



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