Critique in German Philosophy


The conference that Maria Acosta and I co-organized at DePaul on Critique in German Philosophy went better than either of us could have imagined. Thanks to DePaul, St. Mary’s, and the DAAD for their financial support; to everyone that helped with the organization of the conference, especially Will McNeill, Mary Amico, Jennifer Burke, Ashley Fleshman, and Khafiz Kerimov at DePaul, along with Rose Mary Gallegos and Anndria Ashlie Flores at St. Mary’s; to everyone who presented, including Smaranda Aldea, Amy Allen, Karin de Boer, G. Anthony Bruno, Peter Fenves, Avery Goldman, Florian Klinger, Rick Lee, Rudolf Makkreel, Christoph Menke, Elizabeth Millan, Angelica Nuzzo, Gabriel Rockhill, Rocio Zambrana, and Rachel Zuckert; to Luis Guzman, Thomas Khurana, Ronald Mendeoz de Jesus, and Daniel Rodriguez-Navas for moderating; and to everyone who attended. I’m also happy to report that three of my students – Alondra Garza, Ashleigh Morales, Gisela Reyes – survived the cold, the snow, and three days of talks on abstruse German philosophy!

Maria and I will soon be able to announce the publication of an edited volume based on the papers presented at the conference. Stay tuned!


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