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Aesthetics and Logic: The Elements of Kant’s Critique

As I prepare to leave for Frankfurt, I thought I’d share the table of contents for the book I’ll be working on during my time at the Goethe-Universität…

Aesthetics and Logic: The Elements of Kant’s Critique

Introduction: Philosophy and its Elements

I: Before Kant’s Critique

  1. Aesthetics
    1. Aesthetics in Context: Time, Place, Position
    2. From Poetics to Aesthetics
    3. Beauty, Truth, and Cognitive Perfection
    4. Merely a Critique of Taste?
  2.  Logic
    1. Classical Logic and Modern Philosophy: Elimination, Reform, Replacement
    2. German Logic: Before and After Wolff
    3. Meier’s Vernunftlehre and Kant’s Logic Lectures
    4. A Merely Logical Distinction?

II: After Kant’s Critique

  1. Transcendental Aesthetics
    1. Sensibility
    2. Pure Forms of Intuition
    3. Space and Time
    4. Transcendental Idealism
  2. Transcendental Logic
    1. The Understanding
    2. General and Transcendental Logic
    3. The Pure Concepts of the Understanding
    4. Empirical Concepts



British Journal for the History of Philosophy Reviews Immanuel Kant: The Very Idea of a Critique of Pure Reason

The British Journal for the History of Philosophy has just published a new review of my book Immanuel Kant: The Very Idea of a Critique of Pure Reason by Hemmo Laiho (University of Turku, Finland). Laiho says the book “succeeds exceptionally well in explaining, in a fresh and illuminating way, the long and winding intellectual process that led Kant to adopt his critical method,” though he thinks it could have delved deeper into the details of some of Kant’s arguments and given a fuller account of the kind of metaphysics that survives Kant’s critique. On that subject, stay tuned…