Graduate Seminars

Graduate Seminars at Emory University (2004-2006)

Bataille, Blanchot, Levinas (Jill Robbins)

Foucault: The Order of Things (Thomas Flynn)

Plato’s Timaeus in the Western Tradition (Richard Patterson/Jack Zupko)

Nietzsche (Mark Jordan)

Rationalism: Spinoza and Leibniz (Ursula Goldenbaum)

Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason (Rudolf Makkreel)

Hellenistic Philosophy (Steven Strange)

Hume (Donald Livingston)

Husserl (David Carr)

Rationalism: Hobbes, Spinoza, and Leibniz (Ursula Goldenbaum)

Symbolic Logic (Mark Risjord)

Beyond Formalism in the Ethics of Kant (Günter Zöller)

Derrida (Geoffrey Bennington)

Directed Reading

18th Century German Philosophy (Ursula Goldenbaum)

Early Modern Aesthetics (Ursula Goldenbaum)

Audited Seminars

Critical Theory (Michael Sullivan)

Hamann, Jacobi, Schleiermacher (David Pacini)

Fichte (David Pacini)

Aesthetics (Rudolf Makkreel)

Graduate Seminars at Boston College (2002-2004)

The Greeks and Human Knowledge (William Wians)

Phenomenology of God (Richard Kearney)

Heidegger I & II (James Owens)

Husserl: Logical Investigations (Richard Cobb-Stevens)

Aristotle and Science (William Wians)

Philosophy of Otherness (Richard Kearney)

Hegel: Phenomenology of Spirit (Oliva Blanchette)

Philosophy of St. Augustine (Gerald O’Brien)

Kant’s Third Critique (Jacques Taminiaux)

Audited Seminars

Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (William Wians)

Aristotle’s Physics and Metaphysics (John Cleary)

Heidegger: Zollikon Seminars (William J. Richardson)

Readings in Theory (Kevin Newmark)


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