PL 4395: Senior Seminar

Course Description

This is the final course in St. Mary’s philosophy major. It will help students integrate what they have learned in their other philosophy courses and put the content of those courses in perspective by introducing students to alternative approaches to the history of philosophy and different ways of thinking about the parts of philosophy. It will also provide students with an overview of philosophy as an academic discipline. Finally, the course will serve as a writing workshop, in which students write a final research project on a philosophical topic of their choice.

Course Readings

History of Philosophy

Superscholar, “History of Philosophy”

Drunks & Lampposts, “Graphing the History of Philosophy”

Andrew Higgins, “Sociology of Philosophies”

Peter Adamson, History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps (Blog Posts: Rules for the History of Philosophy, September 2014)

Mogens Laerke, Justin E.H. Smith, and Eric Schliesser, Philosophy and its History (“Introduction”).

Eric Schliesser, “Philosophic Prophecy,” “On Rules for the History of Philosophy… Or, A Defense of Methodological Anachronism,” “What is the History of Philosophy?”

Catarina Dutilh Novaes, “Instrumentalist and Instrinsic-Value Defenses of History of Philosophy,” “History of Philosophy as Antidote to Philosophical Intuitions.”

Justin E.H. Smith, “What is ‘Non-Western’ Philosophy,” “More on Non-Western Philosophy (The Very Idea),” “The History of Philosophy as the History of Bean Counting,” “Some Final Words (For a While) on Philosophy and the History of Philosophy.”

Parts of Philosophy

APA, “Philosophy: A Brief Guide for Undergraduates (Traditional & Special Subfields).”

Philpapers, “Bibliography: Table of Contents.”

Go Grue, “The Core.”

Marcus Arvan, “On the Core.”

Anna Christina Ribeiro, “Aesthetics’ Philosophical Importance.”

Philosophy as an Academic Discipline

Philpapers, “Demographic Statistics,” “Preliminary Survey Results.”

Kieran Healy, “A Co-Citation Network for Philosophy.”

APA, “Member Demographics,”Minorities in Philosophy.”

Jennifer Saul, “Women in Philosophy.”

Botts et al., “What is the State of Blacks in Philosophy?”


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