American Philosophical Association

APA Data on the Profession of Philosophy

APA Guide to Graduate Programs in Philosophy

APA Resources for Undergraduates


Philpapers Surveys (Results, Analysis, Discussion)

My philpapers profile

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

My entry on German idealism for the IEP

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

 My reviews for NDPR

Philosophy in Review

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

Daily Nous

Link to this blog!

Feminist Philosophers

The Psychology of Philosophy

New Apps

Reference to my “Philosophical Archaeology in Kant, Foucault, and Agamben” (Parrhesia 10, 2010)

Philosopher’s Coccoon

Aesthetics for Birds

North American Kant Society

Elektronische Edition der Gesammelten Werke Immanuel Kants

Search Kant’s Works!

UWO Kant Research Group

Digital Archive!

Kant Studies Online

Eighteenth Century Collections Online

La bibliothèque Foucaldienne


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