Ongoing Research Projects

1. Early Modern Aesthetics

Early Modern Aesthetics applies the insights and methods of current scholarship in the history of early modern philosophy and the history and philosophy of science to aesthetics. It shows how philosophers concerned with art and beauty in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries positioned themselves with respect to the ancients and the moderns; what they took the object of aesthetics to be; how they thought arts were to to be distinguished and classified; and the controversies that arose among philosophers with different views on these issues. Understanding how these commitments shaped early modern aesthetics will not only illuminate the peculiar ways in which early modern philosophers discussed matters of taste and the system of the arts they proposed; it will also shed light on the development of early modern philosophy, the way it incorporated subjects at the periphery of philosophical discourse, and how it tried to make its treatment of these subjects scientific.

2. Aesthetics and Logic: The Elements of Kant’s Critical Metaphysics

Coming soon!


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