Works in Progress

Summer 2017: I’m currently working on 1) a chapter for a volume on Kant and his German contemporaries, edited by Daniel O. Dahlstrom, dealing with the concept of aesthetic perfection in Baumgarten, Meier, and Kant; 2) a chapter on Hutcheson and Kant for Kant and the Scottish Enlightenment, edited by Elizabeth Robinson and Chris Suprenant; 3) an article on the concept of”scholarship” in Kant’s logic lectures, his enlightenment essay, and The Conflict of the Faculties; 4) an article using the development of Kant’s aesthetics to highlight overlooked features of his philosophy of science; and 5) a longer-term, book-length study of the Elementarlehre of the Critique of Pure Reason called “Aesthetics and Logic: The Elements of Kant’s Critique.”


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